Comfort on Board Aircraft

August 26, 2009
posted by admin
  1. Take a blanket and pillow form the overhead compartment before sitting down. This tends to disappear once the flight is under way. When the seat belt sign is off and if you still want to fasten your seat belt to prevent any sudden turbulence, you may loosely fastened to ensure you are comfortable throughout the journey.

  2. Do not wear tight clothings or shoes.

  3. Slip out of your shoes as your feet will swell during the flight.

  4. Eat lightly.

  5. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, non caffeinated beverages. A glass of water every hour is good.

  6. Take an occasional stroll around the cabin.

  7. Bring a sweater or jacket as the airplane cabins are usually cool.

  8. Use lip balm, moisturiser to combat the effects of cabin dryness.

  9. Bring toiletry kit so that you can freshen up in the rest room before landing.

  10. The relatively low air pressure in your aircraft can cause discomfort. Cabin pressure is equivalent to that at 8000 feet above sea level. If your ears bother you during takeoff and landing, try yawning, chewing gum or doing this; pinch your nostrils shut, close your mouth and try gently to blow your nose.

  11. A sleep inducing trick that never fails, close your eyes and rest your head comfortably against the wall or the edge of the seat. Relax your body. Now imagine that a great , soft broom is slowly sweeping your thoughts our cheap cialis from canada of your head. As each new thought appears, the broom sweeps it away. You will most likely to fall asleep.
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